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Mental Health Services

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Camden County Educational Services Commission has been focused on increasing access to mental health supports for students for several years. At this time, we offer three concurrent mental health initiatives. They are:

  1. Camden County Schools WIN (Wellness Interagency Network)
  2. Fee-for-service network 
  3. School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network

The Camden County Schools WIN is a 2-year SAMHSA grant-funded project (Start date – December 30, 2022) with a likely extension of 2 additional years. There is NO CHARGE to network members for this service. Oaks Integrated Care is our service provider and partner in the grant. Twenty-three schools/districts signed a contract with CCESC to take part in this network. The Network offers three components:

  1. Professional Development customized to the specific needs of the school/district (e.g., anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicide ideation, etc.).
  2. School-based proactive therapeutic services to 10 of the 23 districts.
  3. Call center for crisis referrals to outpatient clinicians by appointment who provide triage, school clearance, or ED referral.
          a. Extended care services for at-risk students.   

The fee-for-service network is primarily an alternative/supplement for WIN partners or out-of-network districts for school clearances. The fees for crisis assessments would only apply to uninsured students unless the districts opt to cover the costs.  In addition to Oaks, InSite Health and First Children Services were awarded RFPs, which makes their services available to any district that is part of our general services agreement consortium. That includes all Camden County districts and some outside of the county. Information is available regarding the procedures necessary to utilize this network by contacting Nina Longer.

The School-Based Healthcare Solutions Network  is a 5-year Medicaid funded grant (restart date – July 1, 2022) that places licensed clinicians, identified as Transitional Coaches to reduce stigma, in schools to work with at-risk youth in mostly group situations following a structured SEL curriculum.  This model has demonstrated success in many states throughout the country and is offered through CCESC throughout New Jersey.

Nina Longer, Program Manager - Education
Phone: 856-784-2100 x132