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Camden County Juvenile Detention Center

Educational Program at the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center

The Camden County Educational Services Commission has educational responsibilities for students who are detained at the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center located at the Lakeland Complex in Blackwood, New Jersey.

The Camden County Juvenile Detention Center provides educational services to residents detained at the facility regardless of their educational status. Upon admission, each student is tested and records reviewed in order to develop an educational plan. The staff works closely with school districts to assure that each student’s educational needs are being met while at the Center. The goal is to provide residents with educational services compatible to those at their home school to assure that their return to school (upon their release) is seamless. Interaction between the Center, parents/guardians, and local school districts is maintained during each child’s stay and a progress report or report card is issued to the parent and district upon each student’s release.

The Camden County Juvenile Detention Center provides instruction in the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Content areas: English, History, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health, Art and Life Skills/Careers. Students attend school from 8:45 AM to 2:05 PM, Monday through Friday, 220 days per year.

All teachers are fully certified in their core content specialty.