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Career Opportunities

The Camden County Educational Services Commission is constantly seeking highly qualified teachers, counselors, therapists, nurses, and transportation specialists to join us in advancing the mission of our local school districts in South Jersey. If you share our commitment to engaging, educating and empowering, begin your search for a rewarding job here.



The Camden County Educational Services Commission offers equal employment opportunity to individuals regardless of age, color, national origin, race, religion, or sex (Board Policy 1530 – Equal Employment Opportunities – adopted April 5, 2006). In accordance with the New Jersey First Act P.L. 2011 c.70, effective September 1, 2011, new public employees are required to obtain New Jersey residency within one (1) year of employment.


Employment Procedures:

  • View current postings above. Positions are also advertised in the Courier-Post and occasionally the Philadelphia Inquirer.
  • Please apply for certificated positions only if you possess or qualify for the appropriate professional certificate. a copy of your standard certificate, certificate with advanced standing or certificate of eligibility must accompany your initial application in order to be considered for a certificated position.
  • An acknowledgement will be mailed upon receipt of your cover letter, resume and New Jersey certificate. No acknowledgement will be mailed for incomplete applications or for applications for which there are no vacancies. Please do not call to verify receipt of application materials.
  • Application materials will be reviewed by the appropriate supervising administrator. Prospective candidates will be selected for initial interviews.
  • At the initial interview, you will complete a formal application and review the appropriate job description. A copy of the application form can be downloaded from the Commission’s website and completed prior to the interview.
  • Finalists will be selected by the supervising administrator and referred to the superintendent for a second interview.
  • After the successful candidate accepts the offer of employment, a recommendation to hire will be made to the Commission’s Board of Directors.
  • If the Board approves employment, a letter of appointment will be sent to the successful candidate.
  • Thank you letters will be sent to those interviewed but not recommended or selected for employment.
  • If you are not interviewed, recommended or selected for employment, your application will be retained for one year. If you wish to apply for a different vacancy, you may notify the Commission in writing to consider your application on file.
  • After you submit an application, you need not contact the Commission unless you want to notify us of a change in your name, address, telephone number or credentials, or to request withdrawal or renewal of your application.