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What is the Camden County Educational Services Commission?
In 1979, on behalf of eight school districts in Camden County, the State of New Jersey-Department of Education approved the establishment of the Educational Services Commission of Camden County, “…based upon the premise that cooperative undertakings can provide high quality results at a lesser cost than duplication of effort." After nearly 40 years, we continue to deliver superior, cost-effective shared services.

To fulfill the promise of every child.

The CCESC Compact
Our Compact to engage, educate and empower distinguishes us as the provider of choice for educational services. These three ideals were evident at our charter by the state in 1979, and they guide all we do today.

             Engage: Through close collaboration with school districts, we gain an understanding of         
             student’s needs and share in their commitment to their mission with services that are 
             meaningful, measurable and manageable.

       Educate: We deliver educational services that promote student success.

             Empower: The ultimate purpose of our services is to develop children into citizens who have
             the skills and knowledge to actively contribute to the community that once nurtured them.

A compact is a promise. Discover all the promise we hold for your district’s students.