An Open Letter to Stakeholders

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June 9, 2020

Open Letter To The CCESC Stakeholders

Our nation is experiencing significant social unrest set in motion by systemic racism that has gone on for too long. Unfortunately, social unrest is sometimes necessary to affect meaningful change in society. I believe we are at a turning point in our history and I believe change is coming.

As you follow the events that are occurring you may experience a variety of feelings and emotions. I encourage everyone to take time for meaningful reflection. It is important to understand the consequence of your reflection may create a need for support. You may also uncover a desire to be a part of the solution and choose to exercise your right  to free speech and assembly, march peacefully, pray, contribute to a cause, exercise your right to vote, provide care, or perform acts of kindness.

In support of our culture of compassion, my first call to action for the CCESC is that we will begin with the establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to start the conversations that will ensure organizational equity and no tolerance for racism. Second, in order to provide additional wellness support for everyone, we will be signing  a contract with Cooper University Health to join their Employee Assistance Program. The EAP provides a variety of confidential proactive and reactive supports, training, and professional development. More information will be communicated as we operationalize these initiatives.

Together, we can make  a difference.


Daniel Del Vecchio

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