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Awarded Contracts

Co-Op # 66CCEPS


Awarded Contract Bid Number Bid Term Awarded to    Pricing
Information Technology Solutions RFP#FY16-01      1/1/2016-6/30/2020 RFP Price List
      NWN nstore
Integrated Building Automated  RFP#FY17-02 2/15/2017-2/28/2021 CM3 Price List
Solutions     Peterson Price List
Transportation Software RFP#FY17-03 10/20/2017-6/30/2021 Orbit Contact
      Tyler POC
      Trip Spark for
      EDULOG pricing

General Construction Repairs,

RFP#FY19-01 3/15/2019-6/30/2021 W.J. Gross Price List
Specialty Trade & Carpentry Services